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Taking Notes

Receiving a complaint of sexual assault, harassment, intimate partner violence, stalking, or discrimination is overwhelming and requires a prompt, thorough, and neutral investigation. The trained and experienced investigators at Jessica Katz Law will save you time and resources by executing an effective and compliant investigation so that you can pursue a fair resolution as quickly as possible.

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Navigating the legal system alone can feel overwhelming and isolating. With extensive experience in both civil and criminal litigation in the Massachusetts District Courts, Attorney Katz and Attorney Schulte can guide you through these systems and pursue outcomes that best meet your needs.

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Team Meeting

Jessica Katz Law can support your school, business, or organization with individualized training and consulting services. Attorney Katz and Attorney Schulte have worked in higher education, non-profit organizations, and courthouses. We can help you improve processes, build knowledge, and strengthen skills so you can work more efficiently and effectively.

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