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Schools and workplaces must be prepared to respond to complaints of sexual misconduct, harassment, and discrimination in an appropriate and timely manner. Jessica Katz Law provides

you with the tools to do so by conducting prompt, thorough, and neutral investigations.

Taking Notes

We have experience investigating allegations of sexual misconduct, harassment, dating violence, stalking, bias, and discrimination. We approach all cases with neutrality and sensitivity to the allegations. In accordance with your policies and procedures, we will conduct an investigation that gathers a complete account of what happened by interviewing the parties and relevant witnesses and evaluating evidence. As required, we present our findings in a clear, comprehensive, and unbiased report. Our investigations are fully compliant with your policies as well as state and federal law.

Policies & Procedures: We provide guidance to assist you in developing or updating your school or business's policies and procedures with respect to allegations of misconduct or policy violations, while maintaining compliance with federal and state law. 

Decision-Maker Services: We also have experience serving as decision-makers and/or hearing officers and can preside over campus-based proceedings with fairness and efficiency.


Attorney Katz is a United Educators Pro Response Preferred Provider.

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