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Jessica Katz Law is committed to ensuring comprehensive, individualized solutions to address your legal needs. Attorney Katz understands the challenges and difficulties that her clients experience. She will listen to your concerns and help you to identify solutions to meet your goals.

Many of Attorney Katz’s clients feel overwhelmed and isolated when trying to determine what their options are and what steps to take next. Jessica Katz Law’s services aim to minimize these challenges by providing prompt, thorough, and knowledgeable services that address each client’s unique needs. Whether you are a school or business that just received a complaint of sexual assault, harassment, intimate partner violence, stalking, or discrimination, and you need an impartial investigator, or you are an individual trying to navigate the legal system, Attorney Katz will be able to assist you.



Attorney Jessica Katz is a skilled investigator, litigator, and trainer. She is committed to providing all of her clients - including schools, businesses, and individuals - with the advice and support they need to feel empowered about their legal choices.

Attorney Katz has experience working in higher education, the non-profit sector, and the criminal justice system. She began her career as a prosecutor. In this role, she sharpened her litigation skills and learned the importance of balancing competing interests while  maintaining the fairness and integrity of the justice system. Attorney Katz was then able to transfer these skills to her position as the internal Title IX Investigator for Brown University. Thus, making her a thoughtful, thorough, and impartial fact finder for schools and businesses.

Attorney Katz was educated at Northeastern University’s Domestic Violence Institute, where she received and provided extensive training about the benefits of using a trauma-informed and client-centered approach to her work. She utilized and enhanced these skills as the Legal Advocacy Program Manager for a local non-profit. In this role, she not only litigated in District and Family Courts, but learned the vital importance of comprehensively assessing each client's situation in order to develop individualized legal strategies to meet that client’s needs.

Attorney Katz is passionate about serving her community in addition to her clients. She is on the Board of Governor’s at the Old Colony YMCA. She is also an alumna of the 2015-16 Class of the Boston Bar Association’s Public Interest Leadership Program.

She is a graduate of Northeastern University School of Law and Stonehill College.



Taking Notes


Receiving a complaint of sexual assault, harassment, intimate partner violence, stalking, and discrimination is overwhelming and requires a prompt, thorough, and neutral investigation. Conducting investigations is time consuming and takes valuable resources away from schools and businesses.

Attorney Katz is a trained and experienced investigator. Sexual misconduct, harassment, and discrimination are never acceptable. Therefore, it is crucial that every investigation is fair and executed thoughtfully. This requires interviewing the parties, talking to witnesses, and reviewing and dissecting hundreds of pages of information. Assessing credibility is imperative. Attorney Katz is able to parse through documents and interview numerous witnesses to assess credibility and present a comprehensive and unbiased report.

Attorney Katz approaches each investigation from a trauma-informed perspective. This allows all parties to be completely heard. It is critical to understand each parties’ account of what occurred. In addition to approaching each investigation without any preconceived ideas, Attorney Katz ensures that her investigations are compliant with relevant laws, guidance, and each school and businesses’ individual policies and procedures.

Attorney Katz is a United Educators Pro Response Preferred Provider.



Navigating the legal system alone can feel overwhelming and isolating. Jessica Katz Law will listen and help you to identify your goals in and outside of the courtroom.

Attorney Katz has extensive experience working with people that have experienced trauma. She understands the importance of allowing her clients to feel empowered when making decisions about the next step in their lives.

With a breadth of courtroom experience in civil and criminal litigation, including protective orders and jury trials, Attorney Katz can help and guide you through these systems and make thoughtful decisions that best suit your needs.

Team Meeting


Jessica Katz Law will design a training to suit your school, business, or organization’s individual needs. Attorney Katz is an experienced and skilled presenter. She has presented on a variety of topics to many audiences including: staff, faculty, students, employers, law enforcement, medical professionals, and court personnel. Topics have included: Title IX, Best Practices for Providing Trauma-Informed Services, Navigating the Criminal Justice System, Technology and Stalking, 209A – Abuse Prevention Orders and 258E – Harassment Prevention Orders, and MGL Chapter 260 – An Act Relative to Domestic Violence.

Jessica Katz Law provides advice and guidance to assist you in updating your existing school and businesses’ policies and procedures. In addition to streamlining your processes and procedures, Attorney Katz will ensure that your policies and procedures comply with federal and state laws.



From cases to legal questions, Jessica Katz Law is here to help.

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